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18ft x 5ft Tartan Aisle Runner

18ft x 5ft Tartan aisle runner
New 65% polyester, 35% viscose and made to order aisle runners, other colours and sizes available, for other sizes please contact us for a quote

We sold lots of these and our customers love them. We can make these up to 20 metres in length

FREE aisle runner bag to keep your runners in pristine condition before and after your event.

Please note this is NOT carpet or paper they are 65% polyester, 35% viscose

1st Line

Tartan 65, Tartan 1,Tartan 2, Tartan 4, Tartan 24

2nd Line

Tartan 25, Tartan 33, Tartan 36, Tartan 38, Tartan 51

3rd Line

Tartan 52, Tartan 53, Tartan 54,Tartan 56, Tartan 61                
66 GBP